Set In Concrete: The History of Northfleet United


Written by Paul Harrison, Ed Miller and John Jones, Set In Concrete tells the story of one of Fleet’s ancestor clubs from its birth in 1891 through to 1946. Out of the dust of the sprawling cement industry that surrounded Northfleet, the football club grew quickly, soon becoming champions of Kent and gaining grand ambitions that included competing with the likes of Tottenham Hotspur and Southampton in the Southern League. Now, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of its founding, this history is an exhaustive study into the 56-year existence of Northfleet United FC. It offers a season-by-season rundown of the events, personalities and players that shaped the club. Through closure within its first decade and on to the tumult of the First World War, in which the club shed blood for king and country, Set In Concrete charts the ups and downs of a band of men once known as the Cementers. The club that emerged from the Great War became one of the best teams in Kent. And, with the assistance of Tottenham Hotspur, it produced some of the country’s greatest footballers in the aftermath of a second great conflict that would ultimately spell the end of Northfleet United – yet its spirit would live on in the shape of a new club to take the ‘Fleet’ name forward.

A4 size, 140 pages, illustrated throughout with rare and previously unpublished photographs.


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